C’mon, Get Happy!

There are about a million things that I could be writing about today. Things like my current, enormous sense of fear and the fact that I’m having a really hard time getting into the Christmas Spirit and how much I resent it, because I hate tears at Christmastime enough to have a flashback about it – the kind of flashback that’ll put you out in the front yard at night with a flame-thrower searching the hedges for the V-C.

I could write about how unbelievably awesome my kids are everyday, how I know I’m missing some of the good stuff about my life, or how I’m tab-hording on my computer again.   I could write about how I’m struggling right now to remain in line with my own True North, even when so many of the people around me are being total Jackwagons. I could really write about that.

I could write about chronic sleep issues, about how the nuclear blast of my childhood made it possible to parent my kids with more clarity than I could ever have hoped for, or about how I am the ultimate “fair-weather fan” in sports and don’t care who knows it.  I could write about how weight-wise, I’m pushing maximum density and I really have to do something about it, and how I know that I really should have gone 90% vegan by now but have lacked the will to do it

I could write about all of that.…but really, what I most need right now is funny.  Funny is my favorite thing. Funny forgives a multitude of sins and it has gotten me through just about everything.  When there is no place for laughter, then really, abandon ye all hope. I really believe that.  Of course, it helps that my sense of humor is more than a little bent.  But today, this morning, I need funny!  I need happy!  I need to be reminded that the sun is shining and warm…and that I have a place out there in it.

Sunshine wasn’t always a part of my life, and there are times when I feel like I’m still learning how to stand in it.  I think I will practice that today.

And then I will go visit ThePioneerWoman.com

And I will read some posts fmylife.com

And I will post 5 optimistic things on Facebook

And I will listen again to the Ernest Cline slam poem about how we’re all just a bunch of monkeys

And then I’m going to watch this scene from MIB more than once

And I will think about how two weeks ago the 2 year old stood on my back with a small plastic toy baseball bat and used my ass as home plate by tapping it with the bat twice, which is so wrong (and definitely NOT what they mean when they say “I’d tap that,” which is even wronger still).

And later, I will watch my children attempt once more to negotiate life with their limited skills and allow my mind to boggle once more over how they can’t order a McFlurry without chaos

And I’ll be glad that this is a time in their life when the mistakes they make are more funny than serious.  All that comes later…

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