Reality Bites?

So, my brand new blog, launched over the holiday ran into the wall of everyday-ness this week when school went back and I returned to my hamster-wheel.  Clearly I am going to have to make some adjustments to the way I find time to write, which is usually in my head in the car. Oh, wait, so it’s the typing process that I’m going to have to work on…

Pretty much everything on this blog ground to a halt as we returned to school and the thousand other things that had to be done on time. And the paperwork.

It’s been suggested that I may need to change the name of this blog, as it is wholly unrelated to it’s subject matter. I have to agree. Raised by Poker was a domain name that I acquired several years back, when I still had the intention of writing in a more topical way about poker players and their lifestyles, and what it’s been like to be raised by people who live such an unorthodox lifestyle. Many things have changed since then though, and I have to admit, I couldn’t be less interested in that project at the moment and I still like the name, but maybe I should consider it.

Perhaps I should change the name to something relating to the Old Woman Who Lives in a Shoe…I think we all know the rest of that one.  Anyway, I’m open to votes and suggestions from anyone reading this.  I’m thinking about it.

For the new year I have to learn enough about WordPress to make this thing really drivable.  SEO, permalinks, sharability, google adwords, and better social media optimization, more html, a more inviting comments section, etc…Again, I’m open to input on pretty much everything.

Oh, and also I need an editor. I miss a lot of stuff still in the read through that I only see when I check it a week later, but I expect my writing to tighten up as I go along.

I’ve got about 5 posts almost finished and ideas for a hundred more, so stay tuned. Until then, I’ll put up a Lately Found, because it was another interesting week in cyberspace…


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  1. Colonial Boy

    With permalinks, doesn’t the line go UNDER the word, not through it? ;-) Sorry, being picky again.
    But why do you need to change the name of your history? It IS what you are, after all. If you needed to find something that has had the most profound effect on how you came to arrive at this point in time, then poker would be near the top of the heap, ne c’est pas?
    Whether it’s what you’d LIKE it to be or not, for what it’s worth I think it’s amazingly descriptive, and a succinct insight into who, and where, you are. It is also still a fingerboard to where you’re going and some idea of how it might look when you get there.
    Your writing is wonderful and always a pleasure to read, but always remember the world is more than a keyboard and a dotty screen. V…

    January 8th, 2011

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