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So, a busy week is likely to get busier since baseball is here again. I always dread the start of baseball and I’m always happy once I get in the swing of it. It heals. At least it will after I solve the mystery of the two jerseys that their father swears are at my house. I could not convince The Kid to play. He never did get over being hit last season, but he is as excited as any human can be about spring training. It’s a quandary. What he needs is a camp for future announcers, because he can call a game like nobody’s business.



Last week I introduced myself to an absolutely cool concept called BlogCrush. It’s an association to help Orange County bloggers get connected with each other, and I met some really awesome people there. BlogCrush was created by Suzanne Broughton, who among many, many things has a blog called Alive in Wonderland for OC Family. and Marcy Massura, who was hilarious and seems to have about a thousand irons in the fire, many of which can be checked out at her site, The Glamorous Life Association. I am hooked on the idea of such a supportive group of writers/bloggers/photographers. I came away feeling very good about it all. The event was held at Zov’s, which was wonderful, as you can see here…

Zov's in Irvine - Mediterranean Cuisine

Zov's in Irvine - Mediterranean Cuisine



Favorite among things I found last week was this photoblog, which absolutely brings joy to the heart of this little shut-in. Any other mom out there who loves the beauty of seeing somewhere completely different on earth, try out and you’ll see things like this:

Sea Owl

Sea Owl by Joshua Yetman at

I could look at his stuff all day long…



Also found through Facebook was a site that seems just made for parenting kids with attachment disorder issues, called Teach Through Love.  And no, I have not transformed my parenting, but I think they are on the right track and their status updates on Facebook always stop and make me think more.  I think they have also started offering parenting classes online. The more information the better in my book.  They’re definitely worth a ‘Like’ on Facebook.



I found a few new sites to explore through the 11th Annual Bloggies. The winners get decided tomorrow.  I’m not sure I agree with all of their finalists (while I adore The Pioneer Woman, I might not have put her in the Best Writing category, but I understand the affection her site inspires).  It’s always fun to see what appeals. Oh, and great site design, btw.



Cruising the web I became aware of a new program currently still in Beta that looks like it could have something interesting to offer. Pinterest, created in Palo Alto and styling itself as a “virtual pinboard”, is looking to go both social and business useful through image sharing. Right off the bat, I can think of a couple of nieces with an interest in fashion and lots of friends who would be likely to adopt it’s use. I signed up for the invite list and I’m really looking forward to seeing the product in action.  You can see some pinboard examples here. Let me know what you think…



My Bestie, The Dragon Lady, and I decided to end the week in worship…

Mother's Milk

Gin & Tonic Done Right

It’s my one true calling. I make, hands down, the best gin and tonic anywhere! I will convert you. The Dragon Lady has promised to have it written on paper and placed under a rock on my unmarked grave chiseled on my headstone. Oh, and the Hendrick’s website, cute and fun! And on that note…

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  1. Madilyn

    I bow to your talent.

    February 28th, 2011

  2. Lindsey (aka modchik)

    I am so happy to have met you Lana – I already identify with so many things on your blog!! We share a true affinity for G&T, writing and photography! I wish I had photo of you that night, I sometime get to talking and forget snapping. *sigh*
    Lindsey (aka modchik) recently posted..BlogCrush on Zovs

    February 28th, 2011

  3. admin

    I’m definitely looking forward to seeing more of you and your blogs in the future Lindsey! As for a photo of me…I don’t think I appear on film ;-)

    February 28th, 2011

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