Come Out, Come Out, Whereever You Are!

admin March 6th, 2011

So I haven’t written for about a week or more…at least not on the computer. I have found that I’ve been writing longhand in the notebooks a fair bit, but as far as the blog…well, it’s about filtering. I’ve been doing a lot of it. How personal am I willing to be?  I’m not of much use when it comes to chatting about insignificancies like weather and the like. So I have had to really grapple with how revealing I am willing to be and need to be to be able to write anything at all, especially since I have come to know some of the people that read my blog – all 13 of you. Losing your sense of anonymity is always a challenge to how or if you put filters in place. I leave a lot out of my blog, but there has been a lot going on and I want to write about it, but do I?…So, I am really working that over right now.

Additionally, I have had a pretty major dental issue going on and it turns out that my ability to organize sentences is hampered by antibiotics and pain pills.  I still don’t feel even remotely well, but in time I’ll get there.

So, more to come. I’m finally feeling like I could string 3 words together here. In the meantime, here’s a little eye candy for y’all.

Brian Matiash - Staten Island series

Do yourself a visual solid and go visit Brian Matiash Photography for more wonderfulness like this.  It’s beyond amazing.

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3 Responses to “Come Out, Come Out, Whereever You Are!”

  1. Staceyon 06 Mar 2011 at 3:48 pm

    Can I be the 14th!? I read your every post! I think you are one of the most amazing women I know. xo

  2. Colonial Boyon 07 Mar 2011 at 3:30 pm

    I have come to know you better since I CAN’T see you than I ever did before, and have been amused, amazed; stunned, staggered; stressed, impressed, livid and loved by what I have shared with you.
    Your ability, and your drive, to write and catalogue what’s occurring in your world continue to amaze me, and I greatly appreciate every opportunity to live a scrap of it along with you- a difficult prospect when distance means a wee bit more than just a mile or two… more like a few hundred horizons.
    Write, or don’t write- you need to honour yourself, but you also need to honour those who depend upon your every action for their continued progress through their own scrubby gullies. They are fortunate indeed to have a pilot such as you to direct their course and plan their route.
    Keep doin’ it! V…

  3. adminon 08 Mar 2011 at 1:23 pm

    Thanks Stace! Welcome aboard happy 14th! xxoo

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