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Welcome to my first amateur attempt to blog and break through the silence. I am the Mom of 6, survivor of “The Un-Divorce” and Fighter of Crime (when I have the energy).  I also cook, when I have the energy.

10 years ago I was trying to have one child. Then I had IVF…and then I had triplets. and then I had another baby via the miraculous conception. Then I had my tubes tied. And then Child Protective Services gave me another baby. And then another one after that. I think they’re going to stop coming now…but I’ve thought that before.

I understand vaguely how this all happened and this blog is where I seek further clarity of…well, any of it. Multiples, Autism, Executive Functioning issues, Attachment Disorder, Foster Care, Open Adoption, Cage Matches, Cooking and the story of a life recovered and an accidental family.  We plan to have it all (like with 4 boys and 2 girls, we didn’t already).

Born in Australia and on the move since then, I was raised by a professional poker player (which is a story in itself), hence the title of the blog.  Have a read, leave a comment. I’d love to hear from you.



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