Photo Play

I have this idea for a new project where we criticize the hell out of my photographic efforts. I mean really, if you don’t criticize someone how can you possibly expect them to learn? (keep in mind I’m just a girl with a desire and a humble point and shoot camera. I’m working within my limitations because all the the photographers I know keep saying it’s not the camera it’s the photographer blah blah blah…). It’s crowd-sourcing my photographic education. This is the first year of my life that I have handled a camera for anything other than the most obligatory shots…I would never have thought I ever would ~



“Industrial Fail.”

I ended up at IKEA recently with a friend and my camera and snapped a few random pictures. As far as usable results, the entire thing was a fail, but along the wonderful path of photography exploration, I rarely look at a picture afterwards without learning something. I think of it as training my previously non-existent eye for the camera. When I look later I can sometimes see the things I was missing at the time.

When I think of IKEA, or “The Land of Swedish Happiness” as I like to call it, I think industrial repitition, bright colors and a sort of pop culture type of appearance. I started snapping pictures this day with no intentions and ended up actually trying to capture that flavor. I think I missed it entirely, but the question is why? More than anything, I think much of it had to do with not getting a more interesting angle, but perhaps you’ll have a different idea.

Now…On Your Marks, Get Set, Criticize!




For instance, I took these shots during the week at the local Anthropologie store (and also learned a valuable lesson about charging the camera more often) and I don’t feel like I got the shot I was looking for, but I’m not sure I know what to try differently…

So, I like the door framing and texture of number 4, but somehow the shot seems to lack a focal point.

Number 3 captures the whole of the elements, but lacks depth.

Number 1 & 2 show better the way the plants spiral around, but there’s something off with the angle.


Anyone care to offer a suggestion before I go back for another try at this shot? I love that I learn something with every shot I take, so go ahead, take a shot at the shot…Help a girl out :-)