Handmade Rush Delivery…

Here’s the book that I made for Christmas for the Golf Pro’s Mom. Not bad considering how little time I had. I still have one more to finish this week for my Mum. Of course, I totally should have taken the pages out of the plastic sheet protector before I photographed them, but, well, you get the idea…

Create…Handmade Christmas

I’m doing the handmade Christmas this year for the most part. So, not a lot of writing.

Instead, I’ll be making things like these and hoping I don’t get snickered at…

"Once Upon a Time"

Scrapbook Mini Album

What Love Is...

The dress she loves...

For Princess Mini Album

All Girl

A little detail

Scrapbook Mini Album

Princess pg

Scrpabook Mini Album


This was the first one of these that I attempted. It’s made from envelopes and it’s been close on to a year since I had time to do any of this.  What do you think?  Gift-Worthy? I hope so…cause that’s what they’re getting.

Merry Christmas Peeps!